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Mineral Exploration Projects
Project Fees Scope of Work
Marble ExplorationWhitestone, Georgia $100,000 Drilling exploratory holes to 800 feet both on surface and underground for future marble mine development.
High Grade Quartz StudyBall Ground, Georgia $15,000 Drilling inclined core borings to 150 feet to intercept quartz beds in schist.
Quarry Reserve StudiesSoutheastern United States >$2,500,000 Exploratory core drilling vertically and inclined to 1000 feet to evaluate new quarry sites and define reserves at existing quarries. Includes exploration in crystalline, carbonate (karst) and semi-consolidated coastal carbonate rocks.
Sand and Gold ExplorationDuluth, Georgia $10,000 Auger drilling to define sand deposits and evaluate presence of gold.
Heavy Minerals ExplorationSoutheastern United States $500,000 Continuous sampling of unconsolidated coastal plain sediments to evaluate mineral potential.
Metals ExplorationSoutheastern United States $20,000 Continuous coring of saprolite pegmatites to evaluate mineral potential.
Kaolin ExplorationMiggs, Georgia $25,000 Continuous coring of unconsolidated sediments to evaluate kaoline deposit.
Clay ExplorationFloyd County, Georgia $500,000 Auger drilling to evaluate ceramic clay deposits.
Sand ExplorationNorth Carolina $100,000 Exploration drilling to evaluate sand deposits