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Geotechnical Projects
Project Fees Scope of Work
Rock Mountain Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Plant Rome, Georgia $1,000,000+ Drilling inclined and vertical core borings in sedimentary rock to 800 feet, packer testing, picometer installation.
Georgia Power Co Southeastern United States $1,000,000+ Foundation and geologic evaluation borings in all types of terrain.
Duke Energy North and South Carolinas $1,500,000+ Soil sampling, piezometer installation, rock coring, and cross hole seismic testing on downstream face of dams and tailrace using track mounted equipment and barge.  Cone penetrometer testing, monitoring well installation.
Railroad Relocation Study Augusta, Georgia $200,000 Drilling soil and foundation test borings in swampy terrain for a large railroad relocation project.
Offshore Meteorological Station Georgetown, South Carolina $100,000 Geotechnical borings to 150 foot in soil and rock three miles offshore for future wind farm.
Miami Rapid Transit System Miami, Florida $100,000+ Exploratory borings for elevated rapid transit structures which included coring 4-inch diameter cores of oolitic limestone.
Progress Energy Ash DewateringAsheville, NC $225,000+ Installation of eighty-five 8" dewatering wells in fly ash.
Cooper River Bridge Charleston, South Carolina $50,000 Quality assurance drilling of 200 foot deep caissons off camber in river on largest SC D.O.T. project ever completed.  Required crane access.
City of Cleveland Tunnel Exploration Cleveland, Ohio $250,000 Rotary drilling, rock coring, packer testing, and installation of piezometers to depths of 200 feet in shale for a proposed deep rock tunnel.
Washington, D.C. Metro Subway Project $35,000 Drilling and installation of multiple borehole extensometers in inclined core borings.
Oak Ridge Landfill Dorchester, SC $500,000 Completion of extensive grid of cased borings for ground densification project.
Intercoastal Waterway Modification $150,000 Extensive auger, mud rotary, and diamond drilling from barge.
Power Plant Investigation GA & TX $200,000 Deep soil test borings via mud rotary.
Steel Creek Dam Concrete Cutoff Wall Core Drilling Savannah River Site $75,000 HQ core drilling of two-foot wide concrete slurry wall to 160 feet.
Anheuser Busch BreweryCartersville, Georgia $500,000 Extensive soil testing, core drilling, and in-situ testing to 200 feet in pinnacled karst strata.
Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit System Atlanta, Georgia $500,000+ Rotary and auger drilling, vertical and inclined core drilling, in-situ testing, and installation of borehole instrumentation for design of hard and mixed face tunnels, elevated structures, etc.
Foothills Parkway Tunnel Investigation Gatlinburg, Tennessee $20,000 45° triple tube core drilling to 200 feet at a highway tunnel site.
New Plant Site Circleville, Ohio $40,000 Exploratory borings, piezometers, in-situ testing and grouting for new plant site.
Saluda Dam Test Tendons Greenville, South Carolina $30,000 Installation of test tendons via 10-inch air hammer drilling; close verticality specifications.  Core drilling for dam via barge.
Ground Rod Installation South Carolina >$1,250,000 Installation and cadwelding of ground rods to 250 feet at numerous locations
Water Tunnel Cobb County, Georgia $60,000 Installation of large diameter concrete injection portal into tunnel crown
Enoree River Bridge Failure Greenville, South Carolina $30,000 Rock coring in river bed and atop collapsed bridge decks requiring specialized access.
Glatfelter Sludge Dam Study $50,000 Geotechnical drilling and multiple borehole piezometer installation in soft lagoon sludge and on downstream dam face.
Plant Vogtle New Reactor Georgia $125,000 Soil test boring to 200 feet, grouting, lost circulation control.
Port Access Road (I-526) Charleston, SC $100,000 Completion of 800-foot and 500-foot soil test borings and undisturbed sampling for seismic analysis for bridge design.
I-73 Project Myrtle Beach, SC $40,000 Completion of 500-foot deep soil test boring.
Confederate Memorial Rock Bolting Stone Mountain, GA $50,000 Installation of rock bolts in Confederate Memorial Carving
Emerald Isle PierNorth Carolina $35,000 Geotechnical borings to 100 feet for offshore pier via Jackup Barge
Lee Nuclear Station South Carolina $300,000 Geotechnical borings to 150 feet, coring, packer testing, piezometer installation, grouting
Peachtree Caverns Atlanta, GA $200,000 HQ triple tube coring to 250 feet, packer testing for tunnel
Haille Gold Mine South Carolina $150,000 Geotechnical borings to >100 feet, coring, California sampling, grouting.
Topsail Island Spoil Island Sand Coring $50,000 Sand coring on island via marine access.
Norris Dam Tennessee $200,000 PQ3 core drilling, packer testing.
Transmission Lines Georgia $300,000 Geotechnical drilling for tower design.
Seismic Shot Hole Drilling Southeastern U.S. $150,000 12" diameter shot hole drilling in soil and rock to 7.5 feet, in support of deep seismic exploration.
Geotechnical Drilling St. Kitts, US Virgin Islands $30,000 Geotechnical marine drilling for port infrastructure.
Geotechnical Projects