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Project Fees Scope of Work
Shaw Air Force Base Sumter, South Carolina $1,650,000 Double cased monitoring and pumping wells to 300 feet via mud rotary, soil coring.  Geoprobe exploration, SVE well installation, flightline drilling.
Eglin Air Force Base Florida $350,000 Installation of 70 monitoring wells, Level “C” Health & Safety, Geoprobe exploration.
Charleston Air Force Base Charleston, South Carolina $200,000 Installation of numerous monitoring wells and SVE wells.
Charlotte Naval Ammunition Depot $150,000 Bedrock monitoring well installation, coring, packer testing.
Intercoastal Waterway Modification North and South Carolinas $150,000 Soil sampling and rock coring from barge.
Tyndall Air Force Base Florida $100,000+ Monitoring well installation.
Redstone Arsenal $100,000 Monitoring well installation.
Myrtle Beach, SC AFB $300,000 Installation of double cased monitoring and installation wells
Defense Fuel Supply Point Charleston, South Carolina $100,000 Monitoring well installation. Geoprobe® exploration.
Holston Army Depot Tennessee $40,000 Monitoring well installations, soil borings.
Kings Bay Naval Base Georgia $20,000 Extraction well rehabilitation using dry acid.
Parris Island Marine Base South Carolina $50,000 Monitoring well installation
Deland, Florida Army Airfield $35,000 Single and double cased monitoring wells.
Wilmington Army Reserve Base North Carolina $25,000 Soil borings, monitoring well installation.
McEntire Air National Guard South Carolina $100,000 Geoprobe exploration, soil borings, monitoring wells.
Fort Jackson, South Carolina $75,000 Monitoring well installation, DPT exploration.
Strategic Petroleum Reserve Weeks Island, Louisiana $40,000 Drilling supervision in support of D.O.E.’s Weeks Island emergency sinkhole investigation.
Opalaka, Florida Army Base $70,000 Single and double cased monitoring wells.
Fort Rucker Alabama $50,000 Monitoring well installation.
Craig Air Force Base Alabama $30,000 Monitoring well installation.
Air National Guard Sites Southeastern United States $50,000 Monitoring well installation.
Camp Siebert, Alabama $60,000 Soil and bedrock monitoring well installation
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base North Carolina $40,000 HRC Injection
Lockheed/Dobbins Air Force Plant #6 Marietta, Georgia $300,000 Saprolite and and deep bedrock well installation to 500-feet via air rotary, coring, packer testing.
Fort Bragg, North Carolina $200,000 Extensive GeoProbe exploration.
Plum Brook Ordnance Works Sandusky, Ohio $300,000 Double cased bedrock monitoring wells, PQ coring, Geoprobe
Maxwell AFB Montgomery, Alabama $100,000 Reagent Injection to 100 feet via Geoprobe 8040.
Fort Gillem Army Base Atlanta, Georgia $150,000 DPT, coring, air rotary drilling, well installation.