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Direct Push Projects
Project Scope of Work
Asco Aiken, South Carolina Groundwater sampling to 200 feet in coastal plain.
MacAlloy Superfund Site Charleston, South Carolina Installation of 250 injection and monitoring wells.
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base North Carolina 3000 feet of HRC injection
Hitachi Bedrock Investigation Various soil borings with samples. Two saprolite wells, various bedrock wells.
Naval Weapons Station Charleston, South Carolina 112 HRC Injection Points.
Myrtle Beach Air Force Base South Carolina Soil Sampling and Well Installation
Textron Greer, South Carolina HRC Injection
Wise Foods Spartanburg, South Carolina Lactate Injection Wells
Lanxess Rock Hill, South Carolina Zero Valent Iron Injection
Colonial Pipeline
Fort Valley, Georgia
MIP Exploration to 75 feet
Fort Bragg, North Carolina Extensive Soil Sampling
City Shop Rock Hill, South Carolina Reagent Injection
Norfolk Southern Bessemer City, North Carolina Reagent Injection
Spartanburg Automotive South Carolina 2-inch well installation via 4.5-inch direct push technology
Volunteer Army Ammunition Depot Chattanooga, Tennessee Monitoring well installation to 90 foot in chert rich clays via Geoprobe 8040 unit
Timken Clinton, South Carolina Extensive vertical and inclined well installation inside facility
Coffing Hoists Wadesboro, North Carolina 2-inch by 6-inch double cased well installation via Geoprobe 8040 unit inside facility
Maxwell AFB Montgomery, Alabama Reagent Injection to 100 feet via Geoprobe 8040