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Project Fees Scope of Work
Shaw Air Force Base Sumter, South Carolina $1,750,000 Double cased mud rotary monitoring and extraction wells to 300 feet, pump testing, Geoprobe testing, sparge well installations.
Bluff Road Superfund Site Columbia, South Carolina $500,000 Eight-inch stainless steel mud rotary extraction wells, monitoring and injection wells, Geoprobe.
Medley Farms Superfund Site Gaffney, South Carolina $500,000 Single and double cased bedrock extraction wells to 250 feet, monitoring wells, packer testing, Waterloo multi-zone installations, rock coring.
Ashland Chemical GA, SC, NC $600,000 Saprolite and deep bedrock monitor and extraction well installation, coring, packer testing.
Eglin Air Force Base Fort Walton Beach, Florida $300,000 Monitoring well installation, ATV access, Level C Health and safety.
Dam Studies North and South Carolinas >$1,500,000 Mud rotary soil test borings, piezometers, rock coring, cone penetration testing, cross hole seismic testing using track equipment on dam faces, barge drilling in Tailrace, monitoring well installations.
Hoechst Celanese Corporation North and South Carolinas $2,000,000 Monitoring, extraction, and injection well projects via augers, mud, hammer and core methods, Geoprobe, packer testing.
Barber Orchard Superfund Site Waynesville, North Carolina $300,000 Quadruple cased bedrock monitoring wells to 600 feet.
Air Force Plant #6 Marietta, Georgia $300,000 Double cased bedrock monitoring wells to 500 feet, coring, packer testing.
Santee Cooper Meteorological Station $100,000 Geotechnical borings in soil and rock to 150 feet, three miles offshore for future wind farm.
Confidential Superfund Site Asheville, NC $750,000 Double cased 4" bedrock wells to 300 feet, geophysical logging, packer testing, coring, DPT
Mine Development Drilling $2,000,000+ Core drilling vertically and inclined to 1000 feet in crystalline and karst geology for reserve evaluation.
Moog Components Murphy, NC $500,000 Inclined electrode well installation to 100 feet.
Ground Rod Installation South Carolina Statewide $1,250,000 Installation and cadwelding of ground rods to 250' in soil and rock.
Seismic Shot Hole Drilling Southeastern U.S. $150,000 12" diameter shot hole drilling in soil and rock to 75' in support of deep seismic exploration.