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Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business.


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A.E. Drilling Services, LLC

A.E. Drilling Services, LLC has been providing national clientele high quality environmental, geotechnical, mineral exploration, and water supply drilling services since 1969. Our fleet, based in Greenville, South Carolina includes CME 750 & 550 all-terrain drilling rigs, a 2015 Mobile B-57 Track-Mounted Auger/Core Rig, Geoprobe® 6610 DT & 7822 DT track mounted DPT units, a Schramm T-450W high pressure air/mud rotary/hammer rig, a Smeal pump hoist service unit, a GeoProbe® 8040 Specialty DPT/Drilling Unit, and a CME 45C Skid Rig.

Our capabilities include hollow stem augering (2 1/4-inch to 12 1/4-inch I.D.), mud rotary drilling (small and large diameter), wireline core drilling vertically and inclined to 1000 foot depths (BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ and 6-inch), air rotary/hammer drilling to 1000 foot depths, monitoring, recovery and water supply well drilling, and geotechnical and cathodic protection drilling. We additionally offer soil coring, undisturbed sampling in 2-inch, 3-inch and 5-inch diameters, Gus and Pitcher type sampling, in-situ vane shear testing, Hydropunch sampling, low overhead capabilities, pressure packer testing with both conventional and electronic equipped packers for BQ to large diameter holes, and pump test management and support. We offer air hammer capabilities on ATVs as well as trucks. We offer direct push soil and water sampling capabilities, reagent injection, and MIP (membrane interface probe) exploration with the Geoprobe DT track mounted units, equipped for both pushing and drilling; vertically and inclined. The Geoprobe® 8040 is capable of very efficient and inexpensive IDW free 2-inch well installation to depth.

We also have significant experience in working on the water off of drilling barges, nationally and internationally. All of our decontamination units are self-contained, and we maintain significant accessory equipment such as grouting units, pumping stations, tractors, water trucks, air compressors, submersible pumps, generators, etc. We offer well rehabilitation and borehole camera services. Our support vehicles are four wheel drive. A.E. Drilling Services, LLC maintains its own well supply warehouse and delivery personnel to insure that the timely delivery of the correct materials needed reaches the well site, and we maintain our own maintenance and repair facilities.

All of our personnel receive annual medical monitoring, OSHA Hazwoper training, CPR and first aid certification, LPS training, MSHA and other appropriate training, and are licensed as required throughout the southeastern United States. Additionally, we provide a drug free workplace as defined by Federal standards. A.E. Drilling Services is a woman-owned small business per Federal Standards.

It is our goal to provide fellow professionals with high quality, efficient and safety-oriented drilling services.